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One of the revelations in this week's case of a Microsoft worker who leaked pre-release Windows 8 software was that Microsoft accessed the Hotmail account of the blogger to whom the data was leaked. And it did so without a court order.

Well, it turns out Microsoft was apparently within its rights to do so, having explicitly carved out the right to access communications to protect its own intellectual property.

Yahoo and Google have similar clauses.

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RE[9]: The small print is better.
by jgagnon on Fri 21st Mar 2014 20:17 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: The small print is better."
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I don't think I ever said it was all broken, only that there is no way to trust that it isn't broken. Even with all of the Snowden-related revelations we still know very little about how deeply the NSA is entrenched into our every day lives. What are their limits? We don't know. If anything, you should read what I'm saying as "make no assumptions" about anything in the realm of security.

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What is important is to create the network protocols so everything is encrypted.

And have a way to replace the algorithms if they turn out are not trustworthy anymore. It's called (cryptography) algorithmic agility.

It's the best thing we can do.

Especially considering that Snowden did say: the math is still valid.

The only problem is: one of the documents revealed that they might be getting close to breaking some of math in a practical way.

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