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Major new features for this release include a significant update to the experience for finding and installing applications, as well as major facelifts for the Videos and gedit applications. Those who have high resolution displays will benefit from greater support, and users will experience better start up times as well as more efficient resource usage. They will also be able to quickly organize their applications with the new application folders feature.

I remember a time when GNOME and KDE releases were big deals here. Feels like eons ago, a distant memory from an irrelevant past.

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by woegjiub on Thu 27th Mar 2014 02:00 UTC
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The new Gnome release is nice, but it doesn't change much.

The desktop is a mature platform, with its paradigms completely set, and uniform across all major DEs (windows/OSX/KDE/Gnome/XFCE etc.).
They all have pretty much the same interface, with pretty much the same software and pretty much the same amount of features.

Things like KDE's KF5 and PD2 are going to be incredible, but to the end user, it'll just mean more people working on applications (due to KF5's modularity), and a nicer theme.

These mature platforms don't really change much over the space of years, apart from having a few bugs fixed and some features that not everyone will use added; it's nothing game-changing or revolutionary like it used to be.
Perhaps that's good; I know we don't want a repeat of the KDE4 or Gnome3 launches.

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