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GNU, GPL, Open Source Some governments have embraced the potential of open source, while others seem culturally opposed to the whole concept. Deciding what lies at the heart of some countries' almost-zealous uptake of open source is not as simple as looking at the cold, hard costs - politics, national security, anti-Americanism and innovation all have a part to play.
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About Estonia (yes, we are in EU :)
by DonQ on Wed 9th Nov 2005 22:05 UTC
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I can't say anything about US, but (like noted already) EU has no unite policy about open source.

What happens here in Estonia, for example?

Being incorporated into Soviet Union for many years, we are currently on halfway evolving into really democratic and independent country (whatever this does mean). In other words, our politicians are clear subject to corruption. Because we're small country, even MS retailer can affect political decisions.

We have Estonian Linux project, which is currently almost stopped due to the lack of money. One thing is voluntary translating various OS components, another is making local distribution for schools, including help and tutorials, support etc etc - the latest needs money.
I've no clear understandig, is this project oriented to educational institutions or is just project per se; for sure it has no relation with software, used in government and state structures.

Up to last year our representatives in EU voted for software patents - but last time they were against them. I've no imagination, who paid for that:)

Our government has made some contract with Microsft to allow rent MS software (OS+Office) almost for nothing for schools. Again this is not official policy, just particular project (and you all know very well, why MS offers their software for educational purposes for nothing).

Conclusion - Estonia doesn't have any official policy, related to open source (or software in general), at all.

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Does Estonia have its own language, or just a different dialect of Russian or something?

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I'm not estonian but, yes, they have (fino-uhgorian language group). Besides, they have a large russian speaking population and i'd say some sort of segregation applied to them...

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