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Internal Apple documents from last April shown in court today paint the picture that the company was scrambling to identify and determine ways to compete with devices running Android, as well as keep sales of the iPhone from petering out amid growing competition.

Pages from a 2014 planning document last April, shown during a cross-examination of Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller, noted that smartphone growth rates were declining, something that could impact iPhone sales. Worse yet, the document said, was growing consumer interest for less expensive, larger-screened smartphones, with a headline on the page reading "consumers want what we don't have."

Apple is doing just fine in the US. In large parts of Europe and the rest of the world - not so much. I don't mean to say they are in trouble or will die - so let's get that strawman out of the way straight-up - but Apple's leadership (unlike some others) is smart enough to know that what matters is not last year, this year, or even next year - what matters is five years from now. Once people get accustomed to relatively cheap, non-iOS devices with large screens, they won't be going back to a phone with a tiny (by comparison) display that costs twice as much.

So yes, those larger-screen iPhones are coming.

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Big screens?
by indieinvader on Sat 5th Apr 2014 16:10 UTC
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I don't understand this obsession with huge screens! I don't want to carry a small tablet in my pocket, I want a phone-sized phone. One that I can use with one hand, &c.

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RE: Big screens?
by ilovebeer on Sat 5th Apr 2014 17:22 in reply to "Big screens?"
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The obsession is that cell phones are not just cell phones anymore. They're media consumption & entertainment devices. People play games, watch tv shows, videos, troll the net, receive real-time updates of whatever -- you name it. The smaller the screen, the more these types of activities suck therefore bigger screens are desired. On any given day the least common activity I see people doing with their cell phone is actually making a phone call.

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RE[2]: Big screens?
by nej_simon on Sun 6th Apr 2014 08:54 in reply to "RE: Big screens?"
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Watching videos is going to suck even if the device is 5-6". I want my phone to be a nifty comuncation device, one that I can recieve an email on and easily write a reply without stoping what I was currently doing. The new generation of phones suck at that because they are to big and clumsy and requires the use of both hands.

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RE: Big screens?
by moondevil on Sat 5th Apr 2014 17:54 in reply to "Big screens?"
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I don't want to carry a backpack for all devices, one is enough.

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RE: Big screens?
by WereCatf on Sat 5th Apr 2014 18:31 in reply to "Big screens?"
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I don't understand this obsession with huge screens!

It comes down to different tastes and needs. I have poor eyesight, so I like having big, clear screens. On a similar note, I often browse the Internet on it, either while waiting for something or to search for information. There's also one thing that a big screen is absolutely terrific for: I use it as a GPS-navigator while driving. That way I don't need to buy a separate device just for that, plus on the phone it's automatically always kept up-to-date and all.

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RE: Big screens?
by reduz on Sat 5th Apr 2014 19:51 in reply to "Big screens?"
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I got a Nokia 1520 for development, It's incredibly huge, a little smaller than a Nexus 7.

However, the UI is pretty much the same of my Lumia 620, just much bigger and unusable with just one hand, you need two.

Which is really funny because when you open the box, it has a giant DONT TEXT WHILE DRIVING sign over it. This phone is probably much safer than any other because you can't really do both things at the same time anyways ;)

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RE: Big screens?
by ricegf on Sun 6th Apr 2014 11:45 in reply to "Big screens?"
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I've never used a phone with one hand. Even my ancient brick, flip phone, and beloved Treo worked better with two hands.

I'll probably regret asking this, but what's so vitally important that you need a free hand while you're dialing, texting, or browsing?

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RE: Big screens?
by hallux on Sun 6th Apr 2014 17:20 in reply to "Big screens?"
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I don't understand this obsession with huge screens! I don't want to carry a small tablet in my pocket, I want a phone-sized phone. One that I can use with one hand, &c.

Me either. That's why I traded in a 2 month old Google Nexus 5 for my new iPhone 5s. (I'll confess I thought about getting the gold one... 'gold eez best, ehy?')

But I agree. I don't need a Galaxy Tab Mini in my pocket, because... the whole point of having a cellphone of any kind, no matter how smart is... IT'S A FRIGGIN' PHONE! Also, I don't like having to wear clothes with huge pockets just to accommodate a device, the whole point of which was SUPPOSED TO BE portability. I like to imagine someone buying a spare battery twice the size of the phone, and have it wired to the phone and stuck in another pocket. Same idea. The point was NOT being tethered to anything.

Every time I see (as occasionally I do,) someone pull one of those GIANT-screened phones out (and they often have bulky protectors that cost about a third what the phone cost, because when you buy a cheap, giant smart-phone, obviously you want to protect it, I realized what the real deal is. It's like buying a "Hummer." It's compensating for something >small< somewhere else in his life.

I've tried several Android devices, most with larger screens than the iPhone, including an HTC Evo and the Nexus... and each was more of a pain in the ass than the last, with no clear advantage besides "slightly cheaper". The lure of Android was supposed to be freedom and openness but Google has quietly killed that in favor of having a Hoover Vacuum cleaner for your information stuck right there in your pocket, so with that advantage gone, I could see no reason to keep the thing, and despite I spent money on the deal, I went back to the iPhone.

"I have the money, why not get the GOOD smartphone?" I thought. So I did; got the 5s, and haven't looked back.

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