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I'm using the URL slug headline for this one (check the link).

This map showing the locations of 280 million individual posts on Twitter shows a depressing divide in America: Tweets coming from Manhattan tend to come from iPhones. Tweets coming from Newark, N.J., tend to come from Android phones.

If you live in the New York metro area, you don't need to be told that Manhattan is where the region's rich people live, and the poor live in Newark. Manhattan's median income is $67,000 a year. Newark's is $17,000, according to U.S. Census data.

This fascinates me, as it seems to be a very American thing. In The Netherlands, Android has an 80% market share, and we have far lower poverty rates than the US (that Newark median income is crazy low by Dutch standards). I'm pretty sure the situation is similar for many other West-European nations.

This raises an interesting question: is it 'Android is for poor people' - or is it 'Android is for poor people in America'?

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Lets start with if you are over 30 and poor, you probably work 2 jobs to survive

Most of the poor in the US don't work two jobs. Maybe some do, like the ones that have multiple kids. Which goes back to my original point... unless you were raped or the birth control failed, totally your fault. In all honesty, I haven't met a single poor person in this country who didn't get to where they are by a long list of very bad decisions. Of course, I know some people had bad upbringings and what not, but that doesn't amount to anything in the marketplace, so if you're in this position, you better start taking some responsibility, because the market doesn't give a shit where you came from. This might sound like a curse, but it's actually a blessing. It means you're not screwed for the rest of your life because you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.

Not to mention that while much of what is online might be decent, without a degree from a college or experience, you are not going to get a better job.

Horseshit. I live in the US. I was working a McJob in my 20's; I got there because I was too busy playing video games and chasing pussy to do anything productive with my life. Then I got a couple of computer certs (like A+/MCP) just by reading books. That got me into a low-level CSR position, where I could at least move into an apartment that wasn't infested with roaches and stop eating Ramen. Then I got better books and an internet connection. (We didn't have tablets back then.) I eventually worked my way up to engineering. I have no college degree. I'm not making fat stacks, but I live comfortably in a 2bdr apartment.

Of course, when I tell my story, I constantly hear that I got lucky and/or the only reason I got to where I am is because of white privilege. (Usually, the person on the other end has no idea whether I'm white or not, but whatever ;) ) If you're in the same position I was, you can go on strike and hope for a higher minimum wage while waiting for the government to fix your shitty situation, but there's a VERY good chance you're going to die penniless and miserable that way. Fortunately, I chose a different path so that, barring some sort of worldwide economic collapse (in which case we're all screwed anyway), I won't have to suck off the government's teet for the rest of my life.

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