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Interested in the Nokia X, but not the horrible Frankendroid Nokia cooked up? Good news - stock Android has been ported to the Nokia X. Everything works, it's stable - but it is, like Nokia Frankendroid, only Android 4.1.2.

There are better Android phones for the money, but it's still great that the Nokia X gets a taste of proper Android (via!).

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Not here, the Moto G sells for 200€, which is a good price, but the NX is only 100€.

I doubt it is the same hw as 520. What would be the point of spending money to branch Android, strip out Google services and utilities, write your own, and then make it look like Windows Phone, all in the same hardware where you are already running Windows for free? It does not make sense unless Android is vastly superior in that hardware.

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The hardware is virtually identical.

The purpose is to create a fork of Android that looks like WP8. You replace Google Play with a Nokia Store and you have a fully functional ecosystem with a vast range of apps.

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