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Yoon said Samsung was working to introduce at least two smartphones running on its own Tizen operating system, a major step in the market leader's bid to break out of the Android universe.


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I think you are wrong and here is why...nobody LIKES Android, they TOLERATE it. It suffers from slowdowns, you have to reboot it, in a way it reminds me of Win9X in that we all put up with it frankly because the alternatives were worse.

Get an iPhone then.

Now if someone can come up with a mobile OS that is sleek, runs great on even entry smartphones, and more importantly give us the ease of use and reliability that our desktops give us now? It could really take off.

Try AOSP, or the Google Play edition, or CyanogenMod, or of course, just get an iPhone.

I'd be happy to switch to a better OS when one comes long as it isn't an iPhone, I really don't like Apple's "We know better than you" attitude.

I don't understand this "better than you" attitude. Are you talking about the hipster "i had an iPhone before it was cool" sort of "better than you", or the "$600 for a mid-range phone performance-wise" sort of "better than you"

To me, you look like a stereotypical Apple-basher. There's nothing wrong with bashing Apple, and i've done it a lot,, but IMHO Apple's software and hardware offerings are superior to any other manufacturers offerings available today.

Of course, if something better comes along, i'll buy that, but until then, i'll stick to my iPhone.

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I don't understand this "better than you" attitude. Are you talking about the hipster "i had an iPhone before it was cool" sort of "better than you", or the "$600 for a mid-range phone performance-wise" sort of "better than you"

Pretty sure the OP is talking about the "well, you bought your device but we can tell you what you are permitted to do with it" better than you attitude. The same one, in fact, that drove me away. If I pay $649 for a phone, then goddamn it I should have the right to hook up something as simple as a USB thumb drive to it and copy my damn files back and forth. If I pay $799 for the most-advanced iPad, I damn well better not be tied to my computer just to use the official media player apps... but no, I can't just copy my media to it. I have to do it Apple's way, with their horrid software. I want a third-party player that can load media from my other iDevice? Well, too bad. I want to do something as simple as download a damned torrent, and not for illegal purposes. Can I do that? Nope. Can I install an app even if Apple doesn't like it? Hell no, because they think they know better than me. And don't give me that jailbreak nonsense. The fact that we'd even have to discuss jailbreaking proves how bad the situation has gotten.
It should be noted that all the things I mentioned above, every last one of them, I can do with my $269 Nexus 7 and my $200 Moto G. I don't even have to root them to do any little bit of these things. So just why would I waste more money on a company that treats its users like such idiots?
Funny that Apple are the ones pushing the term "post-PC" and yet they are the least post-PC company of all. Only iDevices do their best to tether you to your desktop or laptop. With my Nexus 7, my tablet is my laptop now, rather than a paperweight that can't stand on its own.

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The fact that I have to JAILBREAK something I PAID MONEY FOR just to be able to run what I want on it? Fuck you Apple, if I pay for it its MINE!!!

If you want Apple being your mommy? That is YOUR choice. me I want MY device to run ANY app or OS that I WANT, that is MY CHOICE.

So far the closest to that is Android which is why I have one...but they still suck, its just better than having a company tell me what I can and can't do. Oh and as for the other suggestions? I already HAVE modded it, don't change the fact that Android still reminds me of Win9X...which BTW Apple does as well, it still needs reboots, still can suffer from slowdowns, they still suck.

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