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Yoon said Samsung was working to introduce at least two smartphones running on its own Tizen operating system, a major step in the market leader's bid to break out of the Android universe.


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RE[3]: Aaaand no-one cares
by oldtimefighter on Thu 17th Apr 2014 17:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Aaaand no-one cares"
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And in the 80's, most computers were restricted to one OS. Try booting MS-DOS on a Tandy TRS-80, or Commodore BASIC on an IBM PC/AT, etc etc.

I think you missed my point... You inferred the mobile market now is like the PC market in the 80's with a lot of different OSs with no established players (unless I misread your comment). It's not, we already had the OS shakedown. It just happened so much faster in the mobile market's evolution then the PC.

I have great expectations for Google's Project Ara, giving us PC-esque intercompatability and modularity. Most importantly, if it becomes a de-facto standard, many other OS vendors, hardware makers etc will target the Ara platform.

I think the project is cool also but it only addresses one side of the equation which is the hardware intercompatability and modularity you mentioned. Having different OS options for it I am more doubtful of...

Time will eventually create a standard, and time will eventually weed out most OS competitors, we're just not that far along yet. Give it 6 years.

It already has... I don't see the dominance of Android and iOS going anywhere soon (Windows will stick around but BB is dead). 6 years? The whole mobile phone market may be dead by then as people move on to wearables and stuff like Google Glass.

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