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Nokia-Microsoft deal is going to close soon and a leaked Nokia letter to its existing Devices and Services business suppliers base reveals two interesting things. First revelation is about renaming of Nokia Oyj to Microsoft Mobile Oy, which will be a wholly-owned Microsoft subsidiary and may be the name of Microsoft’s mobile devices arm.

Microsoft Mobile Oy? Too easy.

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Making fun of a company's name can't be done enough, but in this case, it's not a good idea. Everyone with a basic knowledge of the interwebs knows about Google Translate, which readily tells us that 'Nokia Oyj' in Finnish is 'Nokia Corporation' in English, and that 'Microsoft Mobile Oy' simply means 'Microsoft Mobile Ltd'. Usually, these postfixes aren't used and this story beautifully explains why.

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Of course I know what it means - that doesn't make it any less fun-sounding, though.

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Indeed, as Mel Brooks might say, "Oy the agony, Oy the shame..."

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Why is it any more hilarious than BV or NV? I think both Besloten vennootschap and Naamloze vennootschap sound absolutely hilarious, but I'm not childish enough to make fun of your language/culture because of them. Making fun of the Finns, and their language, sits well with you then?

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