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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Firefox 29 has been released, and the most prominent new feature is an entirely new user interface. It's smoother and less angular, and has clearly been designed to somewhat resemble Google Chrome. Hence, I personally think it's a major step forward - except for Firefox' version of the Chrome menu, which uses a grid of icons instead of a list (?!) - but I'm nearly 100% convinced many Firefox users will not like it. It's change, after all.

Luckily, Firefox is customisable to the point of insanity, so I'm pretty sure you can revert to the old look with the right themes and extensions.

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I refuse to use firefox because they're anti free speech.

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Yet another solid XKCD, even the alt text makes a strong point.

Another point sort of related to the alt text is the "disagreement hierarchy"

This hierarchy needs to become the law of internet debates.

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Surely it means precisely the opposite? People are free to agree or disagree with your point of view, and can show this by voting a post up or down respectively. It just seems in this case that the majority disagree. Just because your opinion is in the minority doesn't automatically mean the majority are against free speech. It just means the majority have the same freedom of speech as you.

You're not trying to suggest that those who disagree with your opinion are not entitled to express this?

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Are you a communist? because whether you realize it or not you are arguing AGAINST the free market.

What happened at Mozilla was the most pure example of the free market in action we've seen in years, 1.- Company makes asshat CEO, 2.- main demographic customer of company doesn't like asshat, 3.- Customers vote with their wallet by uninstalling product, urge others to do so as well, 4.- Company sees userbase dropping like flies, thinks "wow maybe having an asshat CEO isn't a good idea", 5.- Asshat CEO goes away.

Frankly you can't get any more pure free market than that, Mozilla had the right to keep the asshat, the userbase had the right to vote with their wallet and walk away, the market spoke and asshat went bye bye, can't get any more free market than that.

Oh and just FYI but Mozilla had just cause to fire him if he didn't leave since he refused to do his job the entire time he was CEO. the CEO is the public face of a company and part of their job description is PR and dealing with the press, guess what the bigot refused to do? that's right HIS JOB. Frankly if he would have simply held a press conference and explained his positions a lot of it might have blown over, his "none of your business" attitude made the whole thing into a press buffet. good riddance to bad rubbish.

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