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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Firefox 29 has been released, and the most prominent new feature is an entirely new user interface. It's smoother and less angular, and has clearly been designed to somewhat resemble Google Chrome. Hence, I personally think it's a major step forward - except for Firefox' version of the Chrome menu, which uses a grid of icons instead of a list (?!) - but I'm nearly 100% convinced many Firefox users will not like it. It's change, after all.

Luckily, Firefox is customisable to the point of insanity, so I'm pretty sure you can revert to the old look with the right themes and extensions.

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RE[3]: Comment by mrAmiga500
by hallux on Wed 30th Apr 2014 23:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by mrAmiga500"
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Don't know about you all, but I'm getting really sick and tired of having to relearn how to use my fricking browser OVER AND OVER again every few weeks when these clowns decide it's necessary to change everything.

By DEFAULT, it should give the user the option to keep the current interface and just replace the under-the-hood components that need replacing... I think I'm just going to stop using FireFux henceforth and chose a different browser that I don't have to keep relearning because I HAVE OTHER, BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH MY TIME THAN LET SOME GROUP OF IDIOTS TELL ME WHAT I AM OBLIGED TO DO!!! While I'm aware the product is basically free, at the same time they are CHOOSING to change the interface, and making learning the new interface the price of being able to know your browser is up to date and safe (or at least safe-ish) to use.

If you don't feel that, let me translate it. Imagine if someone kept rearranging the controls on your car. "I swear officer, yesterday the BRAKE PEDAL WAS ON THE LEFT!" Or maybe someone moves the switches around in your bedroom, or rearranges the furniture while your asleep. You wake up and can't find the light-switch... say goodbye to your little toes.

Better still, I can use a computer-computer analogy. Imagine if someone decided to try to IMPROVE *YOUR* PRODUCTIVITY by swapping out the positions of the keys on your keyboard. Any day you go to work, all of a sudden you notice that the positions of the ENTER key and SPACE key were swapped. Imagine what a pain in the ass that would be. And WHY did they do this? WHY? Was it NECESSARY? That should be a test, actually, for any software designer. Let me borrow from the authorities during WWII:

Is this trip really necessary?

That test should be applied to any interface change between versions: is this CHANGE really necessary? If not, DON'T CHANGE IT!!!

If I wanted to be forced to do things by dolts for reasons that are stupid and counterproductive, I would still be in THE ARMY! That said, I guess FireFux loses ANOTHER user. I am putting Mozilla on my list along with Misrosoft of companies I don't use garbageware from anymore.

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Seriously, the changes in 29 are just cosmetic ones.
Maybe you should consider the notion that the source of your problem is not Firefox....

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