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An eight-person jury on Friday handed back a mixed verdict in the Apple v. Samsung patent-infringement case.

The jury found Samsung's gadgets infringed Apple's '647 patent, but not the '959 patent or '414 patent. Results were mixed for the '721 patent, with some Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy Nexus, found to infringe, and others not.

The jury awarded Apple only $119.6 million for the infringement.

Apple wanted more than $2 billion. The verdict is still being read, and the jury has also ruled that Apple infringed on one of Samsung's patents, awarding Samsung $158000 for it.

So, pocket change both ways. A total waste of money, public resources, the jury members' time, and the court system. Well done you, patent system.

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RE[6]: Comment by Nelson
by bassbeast on Sun 4th May 2014 18:33 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Nelson"
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Well they don't have to use any dirty tricks, as Linux and Android infringes. Sorry but it does, it infringes up the behind because the USPTO (and to a lesser extent the EU) has let every vague idea under the sun be patented.

Here in the states we make jokes about "on the Internet" or "on the phone" patents, that is where you take the most blatantly obvious thing and tack on "on the internet" or "on a mobile device" and tada! You have an instant tool to punish enemies or a tollbooth to extract rent.

So until the patents system is cleaned up Linux and Android will be at risk, and its pretty obvious that Apple and MSFT has made peace so its gonna be a two against one kinda deal with the two largest patent warchests on the planet.

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