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Nintendo's reported a staggering loss of $456 million for the past financial year. The blame is being laid squarely at its relatively young console, the Wii U. Sales have slowed significantly: Nintendo sold 2.72 million Wii Us in the last twelve months. (Running totals for the Xbox One and PS4: five and seven million, respectively). In the last quarter, only 310,000 units were sold. Meanwhile, Nintendo's handhelds continue to sell more favorably: 12 million 3DSes were sold in the last financial year, meaning there's now just shy of 43 million sold globally. It remains third consecutive year of losses for Nintendo, but CEO Iwata claims that this incoming financial year will see a return to operating profit ($394 million, he reckons) and millions more consoles sold. Then again, he said similar things last year.

It's not looking good.

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RE: The Age of Nintendo is over
by TemporalBeing on Thu 8th May 2014 18:49 UTC in reply to "The Age of Nintendo is over"
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Nintendo was an amazing company when I was a child and teen; I have them to thank for introducing me to some of the best RPG and action franchises, some of which are still around today.

But the problem with Nintendo is that while their audience has grown up, they refuse to.

Nintendo is over 100 years old. They've learned a lot and have kept at the core business (gaming) all those years, and even helped define what you now see in PC and Console gaming.

Their audience grew up, but they also remain true to the nature - being family friendly. The games on Nintendo's consoles have never been the graphics and blood whoring that have been the staple of the Playstation and Xbox consoles.

They won't get serious about the current state of gaming in general (I'm including both console and PC gaming), and they are suffering for it.

They again created a new market - bringing many people into the casual gaming; perhaps they even ignited the flames for the mobile gaming as developers realized a bigger audience.

The may be down with the Wii-U, but I wouldn't say they are suffering because they don't want to compete with Playstation and Xbox - both consoles lost money unlike the Wii and even the Wii-U which are hardware profitable.

I've moved on to and Steam for great platformer and RPG games on the PC, and have given up on console gaming for good.

So you're not their target market.

Most of my peers are sticking with Xbox and Playstation, and some are just playing games on their phones and tablets, since even those devices outshine anything Nintendo has out today.

I have a Wii; but presently no TV to connect it to.
Most of my gaming is on my Android devices (NexusOne and ASUS Transformer Infinity); the games are good but hardly as good as what I have on the Wii - namely because the Wii will dedicate all the resources to the game, where as Android will randomly download stuff in the middle the of game and therefore cause performance issues.

It makes me sad to say it, but Nintendo is a walking corpse at this point.

People said that about the GameCube and several other previous generations of consoles. People probably said that right before they moved into developing console systems. My point being that they may get off their game for a year or two, but they'll come back and blow the industry away as they have done numerous times in the past.

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My point being that they may get off their game for a year or two, but they'll come back and blow the industry away as they have done numerous times in the past.

I'd be very happy to see that come true. I hope you're right, not that it matters to me personally anymore.

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