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Apple is close to striking a deal with Dr. Dre.

In what would be the largest-ever purchase by the iPhone maker, Apple is in advanced talks to acquire headphone maker and music-streaming service Beats Electronics LLC for $3.2 billion, people with knowledge of the matter said.

It's been corroborated by just about any major news outlet, so it has merit. I'm in no way an Apple expert, but this acquisition seems completely random and weird. Beats is essentially the Monster of headphones.

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You can vote me down
by pica on Fri 9th May 2014 15:36 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: innerfidelity on their headphones"
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but my reference will remain unplugged (with no amps or speakers involved, an symphony orchestra for example) live music and I will remain measure quality of music equipment only by this reference. Wether it is consumer or professional equipment does not matter for me.


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RE: You can vote me down
by ezraz on Fri 9th May 2014 15:46 in reply to "You can vote me down"
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Pica - I get kicked off tech sites when I start to talk about Audio quality!

Something about digital nerds - they get really offended if you tell them they are settling for less in this modern age of consumption.

They don't understand why high quality recorded audio has been slowly removed from society over the last 30 years. They don't believe in conspiracy theories, nor can most of them understand even the basics of audio or DSP.

But you are totally right, and righteous, and I'll protect your point forever --- Live music, using your ears to hear a person or people play an instrument is the highest quality audio available. Our ears have unlimited resolution, and when you add the 5 million hair cells on our body to what our ears and auditory cortex is capable of, you have an extremely impressive system.

Digital babies tend to think things are always better now. In the world of audio this is not the case. We are using Xerox copies, paint thinner, and tons of artificial sweetener these days. Any wonder the resulting music is practically poisonous.

Live sound using your ears is always the best.

Next would be a well recorded analog recording, but these are harder and harder to make since analog production is such a dead field.

Next would be digital at 24/48 or higher.

Anything below that is stripping, lightening, thinning out, removing important data from music. Using the "science" of perception they have been able to get away with removing so much from our music since the 80's.

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RE[2]: You can vote me down
by WereCatf on Fri 9th May 2014 16:05 in reply to "RE: You can vote me down"
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Our ears have unlimited resolution

Uh, what? Where have you heard such rubbish? I'm not even going to go to the rest of your comment as this single quote here already manages to rob the carpet from under your feet.

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RE[2]: You can vote me down
by pica on Fri 9th May 2014 16:07 in reply to "RE: You can vote me down"
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Yes, our ears are damn good, but physics limits them. The product of frequency bandwidth and frequency resolution is limited by the heat induced noise. Our ears operate at 36°C (or 100°F) and operate hard at the heat induced noise limit. That is why, when you have flu you have noise in your ears.

Yes, live music is the original and as such suffers no recording, mixing, mastering induced quality loss. Live music is not only played in concert halls. Here in Germany where I live it is also played as street music. But if one has its phones always on, how can that person hear the live music?


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