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It's been a while since we've done one of these, so here we go: some detailed platform and browser statistics for OSNews. They're collected using Google Analytics, between 12 April and 12 May. As always, these statistics are only relevant for OSNews, and can, in no way, be extrapolated to any other site.

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Comment by Fergy
by Fergy on Tue 13th May 2014 20:48 UTC
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Can anybody who uses Safari explain why it is superior to Firefox/Chrome?

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RE: Comment by Fergy
by SlothNinja on Tue 13th May 2014 21:05 in reply to "Comment by Fergy"
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I was using Chrome until the official Java releases for Mac became 64-bit. I now use Safari.

There were some work-arounds to get Chrome working with out-dated Java builds but the work-arounds didn't seem to persist over time. Also, at some point, it just seemed wrong to continue to have to use an out-dated 32 bit version of Java just because Google wouldn't get off their ass to release a proper 64 bit Chrome for Macs.

P.S. There's 1 site I need to access for work that requires a proprietary Java plugin in order to log into the system. Otherwise, 32-bit Chrome with no Java integration would be fine for me.

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RE: Comment by Fergy
by stardogchamp on Tue 13th May 2014 21:54 in reply to "Comment by Fergy"
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I switched to Safari when version 7 came out. Performance is top-notch.
I've had some problems with Firefox (lags, resource-hog), and since all the browser add-ons I need are available for Safari, I just quit using Firefox altogether (well, almost, I'm a web developer ;) .
Chrome is fine, but certain OSX specific functions (gestures, etc.) don't work as well in chrome as they do in Safari (e.g. pinch-to-zoom). I use chrome for work because I love the developer tools and Netbeans integration, but I prefer Safari when casually surfing.

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RE: Comment by Fergy
by Torbjorn Vik Lunde on Wed 14th May 2014 07:38 in reply to "Comment by Fergy"
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I use Safari because:
- I prefer it's text rendering to other browsers (more accurate)
- It integrates well with the rest of OS X (and iCloud)
- I like the gestures (not all are in other browsers)
- I like the highly polished and Mac-like UI

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RE: Comment by Fergy
by jared_wilkes on Wed 14th May 2014 16:47 in reply to "Comment by Fergy"
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In addition to the two comments above, I'd add that Chrome on Mac OS X seems to have this odd quirk where Cmd+R and/or the refresh button will stop working. That one specific problem combined with other issues (mentioned above) with Chrome makes Safari more reliable, better performing, and more Apple-like.

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RE: Comment by Fergy
by HarmHilvers on Wed 14th May 2014 21:59 in reply to "Comment by Fergy"
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Chrome was bloody slow on my Mac, same for Firefox. The latter has since improved and I've removed the former from my system. Two other advantages of Safari over competing browsers is Reading List (tap a button and an article is automatically saved for later) and the syncing of open tabs in Safari on OS X and iOS (which I use mainly for opening recipes on my iPad in the kitchen from an open tab on my Mac).

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RE: Comment by Fergy
by leech on Thu 15th May 2014 02:11 in reply to "Comment by Fergy"
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While on this subject, I have to rant...

So I generally use Firefox everywhere (call me old fashioned, I used to love Netscape when it was the king). But unfortunately there is a site that I use on the intranet at work that doesn't work correctly with Firefox. So I had to look elsewhere, and we are given Macbooks at work.

So at first I tried Chrome. I really hate that Chrome, no matter where it is, always decides to look like itself and nothing else. I have a nice wood textured theme, and Chrome just looks horrible in it. That and I always feel like everything I'm doing is sent to Google...

So then I decided to give Safari a try. Hadn't ever really used it before. But now I know why. Whomever keeps saying it's fast... maybe mine is broken or something, but it's slow as crap. I feel like I'm using Netsurf on my Amiga whenever I use it.

To describe what Netsurf does... it seems slow because it likes to load everything in memory, then display it. Seems Safar does the exact same thing. So pages all take about 15-30 seconds to load (same as on Netsurf). Drives me nuts. The loading bar on Safar starts, goes about a 10th of a way, then sits there... then boom, all the way to the end.

So yeah, I'd stick with Firefox if I could, I don't see the draw with Chrome and Safari. People have complained to me before that Firefox is a pig. I had about 200 tabs open one point, and it was still only about 600mb of ram. I think the the problem some have are usually because they have tons of flash crap open, or indeed don't have adblock on. In this day and age (and I know web page admins will cry) it's almost required to have adblock.

Remember the days when ads would pop up in separate windows? Everyone hated that, so all the browsers introduced pop up blocking... so now all the ads are in the same damned window as the rest of what you're trying to read, which to me is worse in a lot of ways, at least with pop up ads, you could tuck them away behind the main window.

I noticed earlier that one of the forums I visit wasn't fully blocking the ads, and it looked like after every other legitimate post, there was an advertising post...

It's freaking ridiculous! Duckduckgo is one of the few pages that do it right... have a single ad or two on the side bar that's a non-intrusive (read not flash) ad and you'll have people that may even click on them, and they'll disable adblock.

Maybe if someone created a plugin that would rearrange the ads to make them do that, and include flashblock in with the mix, it'd be a win for everyone...

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RE[2]: Comment by Fergy
by zima on Sun 18th May 2014 17:14 in reply to "RE: Comment by Fergy"
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But if you have adblock, you don't see which sites respect you... (by moderate use of ads)

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RE: Comment by Fergy
by ameasures on Thu 15th May 2014 18:55 in reply to "Comment by Fergy"
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Can anybody who uses Safari explain why it is superior to Firefox/Chrome?

On some platforms (OSX) it starts much quicker.

Also on OSX it zooms in and out smoothly with mousepad pinches ... though the Chrome may have caught up a bit.

Superior would be a strong phrase - they each have their nuances.

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