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Now this is interesting. The WarMUp Association, the world association of MorphOS users, publishes a webzine with a whole lot of information and news about MorphOS. There's a whole lot of cool stuff in the latest issue about new software releases - low-level and user-facing - but what jumped out at me is a very detailed breakdown of MorphOS sales.

In total, 2275 MorphOS licenses were sold until 14 April, and the detailed history of sales is quite, quite interesting. This seems like a low number - and technically, it is - but considering that one, the AmigaOS scene is small enough as it is, and MorphOS is a subsection of that already small scene, and two, that it is not a cheap investment, requiring both hardware and software, I'm actually surprised they have managed to sell this many copies thus far, and that sales are clearly not slowing down.

No, it won't make any of the developers rich, but it's not bad either.

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Is that profitable?
by jgfenix on Mon 19th May 2014 23:09 UTC
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That 280000 euros in 6 years (45000 per year) You canĀ“t pay many salaries with that.

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RE: Is that profitable?
by judgen on Tue 20th May 2014 00:07 in reply to "Is that profitable?"
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If you do not think of it as your job but a hobby, then it might be well well and good, considering that most hobbies are money sinks that only drains your money instead of provide financial benefit.

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RE: Is that profitable?
by belal1 on Tue 20th May 2014 01:35 in reply to "Is that profitable?"
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I don't think it's ever been about "many" salaries, but simply a few core developers and some outside help. It's a hobby OS that caters to a very small niche and you really have to be amazed that such a niche managed to make so much.

If only Haiku could make such progress :SIGH:

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RE[2]: Is that profitable?
by BlueofRainbow on Tue 20th May 2014 03:19 in reply to "RE: Is that profitable?"
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It could become more than an Hobby OS - with perseverance and also a bit of luck.

It would be interesting to compare the number of MorphOS licenses to that of another Hobby OS with hopes of some commercial success - the now abandoned SkyOS.

I would be curious to know if Haiku tracks how many downloads have been made of the various alpha releases up to now. Even if it is only around 5,000 on average for each Alpha release, this is still more than that reported for MorphOS.

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RE[2]: Is that profitable?
by drcouzelis on Tue 20th May 2014 12:48 in reply to "RE: Is that profitable?"
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If only Haiku could make such progress

I know a bit about Haiku but not MorphOS. I'm curious, what progress are you wishing Haiku could make? More full time professional developers? (There's currently one, sometimes there's two, and that doesn't include the many un-paid developers.) More income? (Haiku Inc. gets quite a bit of money in donations but has trouble finding developers who will accept it.) Does MorphOS have more users than Haiku? More hardware support? More software applications? Something else?

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