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Microsoft has unveiled a new Surface Pro 3 device at a press event in New York City today. Like the previous Surface tablets it still includes a kickstand, but Surface chief Panos Panay says it's designed to remove the conflict of buying a laptop or a tablet. The kickstand on the device is multi-stage, and the device is just 9.1mm thick. "This is the tablet than can replace your laptop," claims Panay. Microsoft has moved to a 12-inch screen on the Surface Pro 3 with a 3:2 aspect ratio and HD display, but the new tablet also has thin bezels with a silver and black design. Microsoft will start accepting pre-orders on the Surface Pro 3 tomorrow starting at $799.

It's an amazing piece of hardware, and Microsoft really deserves praise for the amount of power it has managed to pack in such a slim and light package, but the same could be said of the previous Surface Pro - and that one hasn't exactly taken the market by storm either. The problem, is software - something Microsoft was remarkably hush-hush about during the unveiling.

Something else Microsoft was hush-hush about: Windows RT and ARM. No new RT/ARM-based Surface device, and I have a feeling that particular experiment has met its end today.

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Not very workable
by wocowboy on Wed 21st May 2014 11:30 UTC
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I tried one of the Surface models for a while. If you are going to use it on a table-top or desk as a computer, or remove the keyboard and use the device as a tablet, it is just fine, it is a pretty good experience considering it's Windows 8, which is a whole other matter in my opinion.

The problem comes when you try to use it as a laptop...on your lap. A kickstand is simply a horrible thing, design-wise. Having the heavy part of a device propped up on your legs with a lightweight and somewhat flexible keyboard also on your legs is just not ergonomically the best option when you compare it to a Macbook Air or really, any other true laptop device. Any movement of your legs may send the thing crashing to the floor, which just doesn't happen with a laptop. Yes, it can happen, but not as easily due to the ergonomics of the long distance surface required from the kickstand to the front edge of the keyboard. As a laptop, the Surface is a complete failure, while as a desktop it works and has the additional option of using it as a tablet.

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