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Microsoft has unveiled a new Surface Pro 3 device at a press event in New York City today. Like the previous Surface tablets it still includes a kickstand, but Surface chief Panos Panay says it's designed to remove the conflict of buying a laptop or a tablet. The kickstand on the device is multi-stage, and the device is just 9.1mm thick. "This is the tablet than can replace your laptop," claims Panay. Microsoft has moved to a 12-inch screen on the Surface Pro 3 with a 3:2 aspect ratio and HD display, but the new tablet also has thin bezels with a silver and black design. Microsoft will start accepting pre-orders on the Surface Pro 3 tomorrow starting at $799.

It's an amazing piece of hardware, and Microsoft really deserves praise for the amount of power it has managed to pack in such a slim and light package, but the same could be said of the previous Surface Pro - and that one hasn't exactly taken the market by storm either. The problem, is software - something Microsoft was remarkably hush-hush about during the unveiling.

Something else Microsoft was hush-hush about: Windows RT and ARM. No new RT/ARM-based Surface device, and I have a feeling that particular experiment has met its end today.

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Apple is smart to constantly avoid the convertible market. Trying to engineer around basic design differences like the usage modes between a laptop, a desktop replacement, and a tablet is a fools errand.

You could also cut a hole in the bottom of your car to allow pushing it with your feet. That's dual use. Ancient tech ;-).

Microsoft, after 5+ years, are still in denial about how people use iPads. They must not even allow their own staff to naturally use a tablet in it's most common way, because that way goes against the MS way.

Yeah right Microsoft, I want my tablet to have a fan.

Mise well well make it weigh more than any other tablet made.

Sharp corners are also a good idea.

Why not include something small and easily lose-able for input?

Also, while you are at it, make it nearly unusable on my lap, on the couch, in a comfy chair, on the train, or in a car.

Also, can you possibly make it's weight distribution so bad that it tips over on airplane trays?

So here we are -- 3 versions in, and MS still believes that "real people" only do "real work" at their desks, in conference rooms, and at cafe's. Everywhere else the Surface is a clumsy, overpriced laptop or a loud, heavy, and overpriced tablet. If you don't have a flat, stable surface in front of you then you aren't doing "real work", I guess.

Go back to software, please (developer tools, databases, cross platform, to be specific). Leave the hardware to the experts.

I just don't see how you buy one of these instead of either a macbook air (which probably runs windows as well as this on better hardware) or a real tablet and a cheap laptop. You could get a samsung tablet and a dell laptop for that price. But that would be admitting you need 2 devices where MS insists on seeing one.

MS has been trying to sell this single, convertible device for all of our needs since the late 90's. Their persistence is odd, they usually don't stick to such a bad idea for so long.

I think they are trying to sell to IT purchasers only, and will probably offer huge bulk discounts. I can see them claiming a $900 retail price but bundling these things with all sorts of other software sales -- Buy 1000 Win8 licenses, get 100 Surface's; buy Enterprise SQL Server, get 10 Surfaces. This will get them out there but we'll see after a year of real use how this convertible holds up. I see broken hinges, lost pieces, and forever being a weird corporate laptop in this things future.

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