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Gnome Remember back when GNOME and KDE dominated Linux desktops? Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? Yet it was only three years ago, in April 2011, that GNOME 3 was released. Its radically redesigned interface shook up everyone. Some eagerly adopted it. Others left GNOME.

In this brief review I take a fresh look at GNOME today, as it's currently distributed in several popular Linux distributions.
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RE: Qt Apps
by Treza on Sat 24th May 2014 09:25 UTC in reply to "Qt Apps"
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I have never seen any problem or unbearable ugliness in mixing KDE and gnome apps.

As text editors, I'm often using simultaneously gedit (syntax colouring for a few languages, fonts), nedit (very fast, good search/replace features) and emacs (because emacs) on a KDE desktop.

The problem is that no editor is good enough to match all my needs, and no KDE editor suits me (KATE, Kedit...)

The fact that the very old nedit surpasses recent editors from KDE and gnome show how little progress has been done.

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RE[2]: Qt Apps
by Lobotomik on Sat 24th May 2014 11:54 in reply to "RE: Qt Apps"
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Maybe not "unbearable" ugliness, but bothersome nonetheless. And then Kate is absent from your Gnome menu, and Gedit or Transmission are missing from yor KDE menu, and when you manage to bring them up in the rival desktop they ignore your font settings, or printing settings, or they bring up the wrong console, or do not find the media player.

It is far from a seamless and pleasant experience.

I like the Gnome desktop far better than KDE, although I don't like how it has been dumbed down over the years. But I Qt apps are easier to develop and maintain, and in any case I would like to *seamlessly* run any app I liked in whatever desktop I chose, without even having to know what a gui toolkit is.

Possibly, uniting the Qt and the GTK world is one of the things Ubuntu Unity pretends. But oh, do I hate the Unity launcher!

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