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Gnome Remember back when GNOME and KDE dominated Linux desktops? Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? Yet it was only three years ago, in April 2011, that GNOME 3 was released. Its radically redesigned interface shook up everyone. Some eagerly adopted it. Others left GNOME.

In this brief review I take a fresh look at GNOME today, as it's currently distributed in several popular Linux distributions.
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As I wrote yesterday: Gnome3 is different
by pica on Sat 24th May 2014 12:10 UTC
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Well, where to start.

OK, Gnome 1 -- I startet with 1.4 -- and Gnome 2 were pretty much desktops in the line of Motif, CDE. Also very similar to Windows 95 and successors.

Gnome 3 is a completely different beast. The first two weeks of using it, I hated it. Yes, I hated my now absolute favorite desktop. But I believed -- more exact I somehow felt -- it's a layer 8 problem. So I investigated further and further. And I week later I started to appreciate Gnome 3. Another week later I started to like it. Now it is my favorite desktop.

So what was my problem with Gnome 3. Simply Gnome 3 is different. Gnome 3 is more like a work bench with a cupboard attached like I desktop. The objects are not visible all the time. You have to open the cupboard to see them. As a result using Gnome 3 I have a clean workbench instead of a cluttered desktop.



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