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My love of typography originated in the 80's with the golden years of 8-bit home computing and their 8x8 pixel monospaced fonts on low-resolution displays.

It's quite easy to find bitmap copies of these fonts and also scalable traced TTF versions but there's very little discussion about the fonts themselves. Let's remedy that by firing up some emulators and investigating the glyphs.

I've been looking at a lot of these 8bit fonts because of recent emulation efforts. I'd like to throw Visi On's fonts into the fray, too.

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Comment by mrAmiga500
by mrAmiga500 on Fri 30th May 2014 12:29 UTC
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Standard software that came with Amiga computers included a bitmap font editor. I can't think of another computer that included that as basic software. I was making my own fonts back in the 80's. You really start to appreciate fonts when you make your own.

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RE: Comment by mrAmiga500
by Earl Colby pottinger on Fri 30th May 2014 17:16 in reply to "Comment by mrAmiga500"
Earl Colby pottinger Member since:

I liked the better bitmapped fonts on the Amiga too. Of-course many were horrible too.

When the font was matched to the need and resolution of the screen they could be very clear to read.

I don't remember the name of the font, but there was one that was 10 pixels wide that made for good reading when on a BBS. Since it gave 64 characters per line it was a good match to most BBSs that always printing 40 or 64 columns per line.

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RE[2]: Comment by mrAmiga500
by mrAmiga500 on Fri 30th May 2014 19:07 in reply to "RE: Comment by mrAmiga500"
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Well the reason I made so many fonts on the Amiga was because most of the available ones were crap. The original Topaz in WB 1.x was fine. I still don't understand why they later modified it and made it so ugly in WB 2.0.

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RE: Comment by mrAmiga500
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Fri 30th May 2014 19:58 in reply to "Comment by mrAmiga500"
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Yeah, mine were hideous.

I came the realization recently that all fonts are terrible. The best ones are the ones you don't even notice.

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