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The competition between Google and DuckDuckGo proved to be surprisingly fierce. In many respects the tiny DuckDuckGo holds its own against the giant that is Google, and even more so if the user is willing to slightly manipulate the search query to work around DuckDuckGo's temperamental intelligence layer. So it is heartening to see that DuckDuckGo is a viable alternative to Google by its own merits. But the elephant in the room here is Google's extensive tracking of user data. For that reason many users will staunchly avoid it on moral grounds, and for them the natural recourse is DuckDuckGo. Fortunately for them, it's a really great choice. In my case, privacy is not a primary concern. But having a top-notch search engine is. That's why I set DuckDuckGo as my browser's default search engine, and here's hoping it stays there for a long time.

I tried the 'new' DDG as well since it came out, setting it as my default search engine. Sadly, my experience wasn't as positive - it simply didn't find the things I was looking for about 80% of the time. Within a few days, I got into the habit of simply adding !g to every search query to go straight to Google anyway since that gave me the results I was looking for.

DDG's interface and presentation are far superior to Google's, but in the end, it's the results that matter, and not the coat of paint they're covered in. I do agree with the author's note about Google always - infuriatingly always - leading with YouTube video results on every damn query. So annoying.

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"In many respects the tiny DuckDuckGo holds its own against the giant that is Google"

Well, I would challenge everyone to read the article, count the number of searches done and then count how "many" times DDG holds it own.

In five out of ten search query tests, DDG was as good or better than Google. The DDG interface received the same grade as Google (Good). And DDG's instant answer system also received the same grade as Google.

By the way, that quote is copied directly out of the last paragraph of the source article, which I wrote. So I can assure you that I did read it as well. ;) After testing DDG and writing the article, I honestly do feel that it holds its own against Google "in many respects" but not all.

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I honestly do feel that it holds its own against Google "in many respects" but not all.

Type above sentence to DGG and Google. Why G is showing your reply as a first result? Because you've been there and they know it. That's why they show you what you want.

No matter how good search engine is, it's useless without profile and caching.

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That kind of customization of search results based on the user's preferences can create what they call a "filter bubble".
So if I am searching on one of my favorite topics on Google, it will tend to give me opinions that agree with me based on my likes and previous search history, and I will never find any conflicting opinions. Not a good thing.

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