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Over the past 24 hours the website for TrueCrypt (a very widely used encryption solution) was updated with a rather unusually styled message stating that TrueCrypt is "considered harmful" and should not be used.

Very odd story. Lots of little red flags going up all over the place.

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The audit of the Truecrypt source code is going to go forward, so we might find out what they're talking about. Or it will find nothing, and we'll have no idea what motivation the devs had for this announcement, aside from adding to the mythos of the project.

This is on par for the TC developers. They've always been a mysterious and shadowy bunch. No one has know who they were or what they were actually trying to accomplish. There were theories TC was a front for CIA intelligence gathering, and no one was sure the binaries hosted on the TC site actually came from the public source code. There was speculation the TC devs had a private, tainted code branch that they built public binaries from.

Kudos to the team for being able to stay anonymous for the length of this project. They kept their secrets secret, and that is an accomplishment. Usually people get outed or someone talks, and it's very rare for mysteries to stay a mystery. They managed to go out in the most cryptic and mysterious way possible under a cloak of anonymity and shadows, so major props for that.

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