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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y

There were two striking pieces of business news this week from America's leading technology brands. On the one hand, Google unveiled a prototype of an autonomous car that, if it can be made to work at scale, promises to end mass automobile ownership while drastically reducing car wreck fatalities and auto-related pollution. Meanwhile, Apple bought a company that makes high-end headphones.

Which is to say that Apple's playing checkers while Google plays chess.

For better or worse, this is exactly why many people seem to hold Google in higher regard than they do Apple. Both Apple and Google are rich and wealthy beyond average-person-measure. Now, which company will be liked more: the one that uses said wealth to develop crazy may-or-may -not-work technologies that can change the world at a massively substantial scale, or the one that stuffs $150 billion in shady bank accounts to avoid having to pay taxes?

The more wealth you hoard, the less sympathetic people will be towards you. Unless, of course, you use that wealth in a very public way.

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But seriously ...
by kristoph on Mon 2nd Jun 2014 14:36 UTC
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Sometimes these articles are so biased and border on fanaticism - is this really what OSNews needs to generate traffic? Where is the objective analysis?

Taxes: all companies do this, including Google, and it is done to the same extent as by Apple; Apple just makes more money then anyone and so has more money offshore

Products: Google makes ALL of it's money from advertising and always has. It sells YOU. YOU are being sold by Google to advertisers. Everything else it has made to date is just a way to get more of your data and sell it more effectively. Look at the licensing terms for any of their products, it's what George Orwell imagined in a dystopian future manifested in a company. Apple makes shiny phones and shiny laptops which you may or may not like - lots of people do which is why it's successful.

Research: Self driving cars are cool. These would be game changing and would help any people and society at large. Just now their nothing more then a hobby for google though. I've no idea what apple is researching, I am pretty sure it's not headphones. I've read their going to release a wearable - this year - that will take health monitoring to a whole new level. I think that would help people. Apple also invests a ton in environment friendly materials, manufacturing methods and their aiming for a zero carbon footprint for their operations. That's also a good thing.

Anyway, seriously now, these are companies that make products. Please look at them objectively and stop being a fanatic.

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