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My love and appreciation for Palm OS is somewhat obvious around these parts, culminating in the detailed Palm OS retrospective I wrote a little over a year ago. I consider Palm OS to be the shoulders on which all subsequent mobile operating systems are built, and I believe it would do the current technology press and users a world of good if they acquainted themselves with this prescient masterpiece.

That being said, with Palm OS being old and dead, the only way to experience it is to get your hands on a real device on eBay or its local equivalent in your country of residence. If you go down this route - which I strongly advise everyone to at least look into - try and go for the ultimate Palm device, the Palm T|X. It's the most advanced PDA Palm ever built, and you can pry mine from my cold, dead hands.

Sadly, not everyone has the disposable income, time, will, desire, or any combination thereof, to go out and buy real hardware just to play with a dead operating system and all the hardships that come with it. Since I still want to spread the word of Palm OS, I've been looking into an alternative - namely, the Palm OS Simulator.

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Best Palm Device.
by judgen on Wed 4th Jun 2014 00:10 UTC
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I would claim that the LifeDrive is the best PalmOS device, with the best CPU, GPU, Screen resolution, durability (metal casing instead of plastic), the best sound chip of any Palm device and can do accelerated video (codecs are downloadable from lonely cat or TCMP homepages for non-default video files).
It also boasts a CF slot that is populated by a Toshiba MicroDrive by default but can be replaced with a 64gb CF card along with a 32gb SDHC (and probably more) card as long as you have the PowerDrive and SDHC drivers from totalling about 100gb storage. The devices might be able to larger as mentioned on their site, but i have not tried any larger than those min my LifeDrives. But my guess is the 32bit adressing would make the absolute maximum 128gb CF+128gb SDHC at a total of 256gb.

It also allows for easy overclocking, and if you find the anniversary edition or pre-launch edition (the one i have) you also have a foldable full keyboard you can use for coding and the tripletelescopit stylus that is super lift in comparison to other models (i prefer the heavier model though, but it not as pretty).

Some software Designed for the lifedrive does not work on other Palm devices whilst all Garnet programs for other devices works perfectly on the LD.

Opera, Documents2Go, PocketTunes, and TCMP (the core media player) are my three favourite picks for using with the LifeDrive, and luckily licenses was included for all those programs (not pro version of D2G though, but the upgrade was rather cheap anyways.

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RE: Best Palm Device.
by hobgoblin on Wed 4th Jun 2014 14:38 in reply to "Best Palm Device."
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If you look at the Lifedrive the right way, Palm did the iPod Touch before Apple.

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