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Interesting and detailed review of the OnePlus One by AndroidCentral, but this paragraph stood out to me:

Even with all of the right decisions made here, this isn't revolutionary hardware design. There's no two-tone camera flash, fingerprint scanner, ultra-high resolution display, waterproofing, dedicated two-stage camera key, massive camera sensor, front-facing speakers, heart rate sensor, back buttons or anything of the sort. The OnePlus One is just a phone, basically shaped like every other phone and with absolutely no design flair or features to set it apart from other devices.

In my view, it's exactly this lack of "design flair and features" that sets it apart from the competition. There's no fake leather, no fake metal backplate, nu buttons on the back, no super-sized gimmicky protruding camera sensors, useless fingerprint scanners, double camera sensors, heart rate monitors, flair guns, flamethrowers, fishing poles, and god knows what else the established players shove into and onto phones these days.

It's a minimalist device focused almost entirely on a smartphone's most important aspect - its display. And it's exactly this minimalism that makes it stand our from the pack.

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Removable battery and storage
by sb56637 on Wed 4th Jun 2014 17:09 UTC
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What would really make this stand out from the competition for me is a removable battery and expandable storage. This has neither, so I'm not interested.

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I used to feel that way about soldered batteries, but I recently got my hands on an HTC 8XT and the non-removable battery doesn't bother me. In fact, I'm digging the thinness of the phone that the soldered battery provides. My HTC Arrive has a removable battery, and I never had to buy a new one even with using that phone for nearly three years straight, then abusing it by leaving it in the phone to drain down to 0V for months at a time. To this day, nearly four years after it was made, I can charge it up and get a full day's use out of it. I have a feeling the battery in my 8XT will be good for the life of the phone, and I plan to use it until Microsoft stops issuing OS updates for it.

And something else I've come to love about HTC phones in particular, that the article mentions the OnePlus One is lacking, is the two-stage dedicated camera button. Granted, few phones rival "real" cameras for picture quality and features, but when your phone is a good enough camera for daily use, that two-stage button just makes it that much better and easier to use.

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Replacable battery is preferred, but almost never needed. If a battery can last a whole day that is mostly good enough and otherwise an external battery pack goes a long way and works for multiple devices.

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