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Xfce Over the past several years, mobile devices have greatly influenced user interfaces. That's great for handheld users but leaves those of us who rely on laptops and desktops in the lurch. Windows 8, Ubuntu Unity, and GNOME have all radically changed in ways that leave personal computer users scratching their heads.

One user interface completely avoided this controversy: Xfce. This review takes a quick look at Xfce today. Who is this product for? Who should pass it by?
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To me, the Windows95 interface is about as alien as it gets as I've never had to use one for any length of time.

You most likely belong in a minority there. Definitions such as this always go with the majorities, not the minorities, and it's pointless to get all upset about that.

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As someone with experience of said non-western rich countries, I can tell you with authority that no-one wants unstable, half-polished, unpredictably changing, desktops that don't work on half the hardware.

What they want is something that works. Cheap and not working is not acceptible. It is condescending to think that poor non-westerners can put up with broken unstable barely supported technology.

Look at Nokia. Closed. But solid, and cost-effective.

If you are right - what is the uptake of OSS desktops in that world? Almost zilch. The market has spoken.

Bottom line: "they" which includes "me", will take closed but working, over broken but "free".

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It is condescending to think that poor non-westerners can put up with broken unstable barely supported technology.

Don't go putting words in my mouth, I never even so much as implied that. I was talking about the need for a cheap/free OS that can be used even on a decade-old hardware. That *is* a real usecase already out there and your silly, chidlish exaggerations don't change that.

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Yup, I do realize that I'm in the minority.

However, this is OSnews where one would expect that users here have an interest in things not Microsoft.

I was just bringing up the point that words like traditional, conventional, etc should not automatically be inferred to mean "looks like Windows95".

In some parts of the galaxy, drinking warm fish juice for breakfast is considered traditional (5 pts to whoever can identify this place). I for one prefer my fish juice cold.

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