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Xfce Over the past several years, mobile devices have greatly influenced user interfaces. That's great for handheld users but leaves those of us who rely on laptops and desktops in the lurch. Windows 8, Ubuntu Unity, and GNOME have all radically changed in ways that leave personal computer users scratching their heads.

One user interface completely avoided this controversy: Xfce. This review takes a quick look at Xfce today. Who is this product for? Who should pass it by?
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"I find it really annoying how a lot of people use the word "traditional" to refer to the Windows95 user interface.

When I think of 'traditional' desktops, I think of a desktop background that you can put icons on ..

Yes - and without a "Start Menu" - like LisaOS, MacOS, GEM, TOS, AmigaOS, Nextstep, RiscOS, Windows before 95, OS2 - everyone who used a GUI before 1995 still knows how a traditional GUI looked like for more than ten years before MS screwed it up.

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