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I am taking the plunge and moving from an iPhone to an Android device. I've been waiting a long time for Android to get to the point that it was fast and responsive enough, with a big enough application warehouse, wide enough support, and a smooth enough experience, to support me. Android is maturing with a consistent, system-wide look-and-feel, almost every major service now has an Android app as the counterpart to its iOS-first experience, and has a bright future with wearables, home automation, and more.

I certainly won't be the first person to change ecosystems entirely. Several have done it before, some looking for change or claim freedom, some aiming to save money, some because someone prompted them, some think they may be conforming by going with the ever-stylish Apple. I am doing it for this reason: for me, Android is now a better platform than iOS.

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6month follow up
by REM2000 on Fri 13th Jun 2014 07:56 UTC
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Sorry if you've already mentioned it but a 6month follow up to this post would be good.

Ive made the jump from iPhone to Galaxy Note2 in 2012, i used ChromeBook, Galaxy Note 10.1 as a replacement for my iPad, however in the end i went back to the iPhone.

I went back for following reasons,

Reliability, my iPhone 5 is a lot more reliable than the Galaxy Note2 (which i had replaced under warranty so it wasn't just that GN2). It would slow down after a couple of months, almost like a SSD lacking TRIM. It would randomly crash, reboot etc.. Battery life was somedays excellent, other days it wouldn't last more than half a day, all with the same usage patterns.

There is a bug on Samsung Android phones that when you have headphones plugged in and sound on (i.e. not vibrate) text alerts, facebooks alerts, phone call ring tones etc.. will play through both headphones and the phone itself. I went and spoke to samsung themselves who were able to replicate it on all their phones and offer no way to fix it apart from keep my phone on vibrate (still does it on Galaxy S4's)

Some of the apps at the time were not as easy to use as the iPhone/iPod version.

Phone aside the next was the eco system, i am pretty much all in the apple ecosystem, i love iTunes, i think it works well managing my media, of course i wish it would run a little faster however it seems to run ok. All my media is converted to itunes format anyway as it's a good format for my needs, i have pretty small files which look ok on TV but are great for the iPad and iPhone, due to their small file size i can manage a lot of media without having to create a massive storage infrastructure to keep it stored. The MP4 is pretty universal so my Synology NAS will read them fine, my PS3, Samsung Smart TV all read the files fine.

My apps such as Nike Fuelband are locked into Apple, my journal app Day One is locked into it, Things! for project management etc.. These are all apps which are available for my iPhone, iPad and Mac's, all sync together and all work well.

However this is just my opinion, everyone has a story of why they are using their particular eco-system, personally out of the big three, Apple, Google and Microsoft we have reached a level of maturity, in that whatever platform you pick, youre gonna get your apps, music, email, calendar contacts and social integration, when you consider these core elements which make up the 90% it's the last 10% which makes the decision, the individual i like doing xyz with my phone, some people like Micro-SD's some people don't etc..

Things i miss from Android is the Filesystem, i would love to have the ability to wifi, bluetooth files from/to my device, like it was said in the article it's like having a pocket desktop computer.

Miss the swype keyboard, however this should hopefully be fixed in iOS8.

Things i wish all phone manufactures would do, stop chasing thinness, i would love my iPhone 5 to be a little thicker at the cost of having a battery which would last 3 days instead of 1.

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