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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The OnePlus One is among the most talked-about phones these days. Both because of its high-end features and affordable price, making it one of the flagship models of 2014, but also because it's... impossible to get one. These are my first impressions of the device so far.
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by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 24th Jun 2014 09:12 UTC
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I'm still torn between the OnePlus One and the Find 7/7a. They're more or less identical in specs and essentially come from the same company. The advantage of the Plus is that it comes with CM, while the Find 7/7a comes with the horrible ColorOS by default, forcing a custom ROM. On the flipside, the Plus has the stupid invite system which is just douchy.

Alternatives are a possible successor to the Nexus 5 - as long as they release another version in that flaming red colour.

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