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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The OnePlus One is among the most talked-about phones these days. Both because of its high-end features and affordable price, making it one of the flagship models of 2014, but also because it's... impossible to get one. These are my first impressions of the device so far.
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How fast is fast enough these days?
by christian on Tue 24th Jun 2014 10:31 UTC
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Looks nice, but I've just paid ~£50 for my Huawei Y300, which is pleeenty fast enough for my needs. What are people doing with phones these days that require so much snap? Or am I just getting old and showing it?

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There are really "basic" things that you can do on a smartphone to put it through it's paces and you'll definitely notice the difference between a budget android phone and a high-end one.

Examples include:
- web browsing - more ram and cpu power = less lag when navigating complex sites
- video playback - if your gpu doesn't support a particular codec in hardware it's going to get choppy
- multitasking

Might get flamed for this but android doesn't have a stellar reputation in the UI speed department. So the higher end phone you have the less annoying ui lag or stuttering you'll see. They improved it quite a bit in the 4.2-4.4 versions but it's still not perfect and on a low-end device it can get really annoying.

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