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And this is the second part of the future of KDE. We already covered part one.

This is the second half of the 'where KDE is going' write-up. Last week, I discussed what is happening with KDE's technologies: Platform is turning modular in Frameworks, Plasma is moving to new technologies and the Applications change their release schedule. In this post, I will discuss the social and organizational aspects: our governance.

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RE[2]: ...I
by oper on Thu 3rd Jul 2014 06:43 UTC in reply to "RE: ...I"
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what is your Linux desktop preference
Every news site has that kind of people like him. They end up been caught, what he really uses... brings Internet Explorer
IE is my default browser.
It isn't the first time.

to have a fair interpretation of your comment
There applies what it was said about him in
There really isn't any point in appealing for better behavior. Just look at his history, particularly related to KDE...
and was modded "Score: 6".

"You can send your apologies to"
because, if we didn't knew it, he's the king of the world and rules it.

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RE[3]: ...I
by Hiev on Thu 3rd Jul 2014 13:13 in reply to "RE[2]: ...I"
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You did all that for me? I feel flattered, but how that change the fact that the latest KDE beta was crashing all over the place?

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RE[4]: ...I
by johntdaly on Thu 3rd Jul 2014 16:38 in reply to "RE[3]: ...I"
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Um, it's a beta! They are allowed to be buggy. Hell .0 releases get to have bugs too!

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