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If you think only Apple, Google, Intel, and several other technology companies flagrantly broke the law by illegally robbing their employees of wages - think again. As it turns out, the digital animation industry - centering around Steve Jobs' Pixar, unsurprisingly - was just as bad.

[Pixar's] Catmull's deposition and emails from the lawsuit confirm that he was instrumental in operating a secret wage-theft cartel that violated the Sherman Antitrust Act. But it's even worse than you think. The cartel orchestrated in large part by Catmull robbed potential wages and job opportunities from thousands of animation industry workers at other studios, including DreamWorks, Lucasfilm, Robert Zemeckis’ ImageMovers, the now-defunct Orphanage, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Pando Daily has the meat on this story (here and here).

The wage fixing scandal is way, way more sprawling than anyone could have originally anticipated. The sad thing is that the criminals behind this illegal behaviour - Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Eric Schmidt, George Lucas, Ed Catmull, and many, many more - will never have to face any serious consequences for their crimes.

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Unions or Professional Association
by Yamin on Mon 14th Jul 2014 14:21 UTC
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Unions or professional association is what most of us need.

Will it slow innovation? Possibly.
Will it keep wages and working conditions better? Probably.

In the end, we are just cogs in the machine. I think a big problem is many tech people go through their whole life being special. Yet, how are they actually viewed by the executives in these tech companies? As cogs and resources... little different from a factory worker.

A few of the chosen might get into the upper echelons, but most remain cogs, churning away.

In that power structure, some kind of worker organization is needed. Be it a union or just professional association.

But of course this becomes hard with globalization, so who knows. These (unions, professional associations) only work when they capture the entire work force.

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tylerdurden Member since:

Unions were neutralized long ago and rendered basically useless, in fact they're now so compromised they end up being worse than useless. It's a sad reality, at least in the USA.

Things are going to get worse, if anything.

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Kochise Member since:

Unions are a good counter balance, yet are somewhat taking sometimes a too large power against productivity. Otherwise there would be unionized driven corporations that would outperform standard companies, but that has never been seen anywhere, not even in France.


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