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Yesterday, former Google-executive Hugo Barra, now Xiaomi's global vice president, had a talk with The Verge.

Barra is only a year into his job as leader of Mi's internationalization efforts, but he's already "sick and tired" of hearing his company derided as an Apple copycat. He sees Mi as "an incredibly innovative company" that never stops trying to improve and refine its designs, and the allegations of it copying Apple are "sweeping sensationalist statements because they have nothing better to talk about."

This morning, John Gruber:

Scroll down on the Mi 3 "features" page and you'll see this image, named "detail-camera.jpg". Take a good look at the camera in that image, then look at the app icon for the current version of Aperture. It's a simple copy-paste-skew job of the lens, and not a very good one. Two panels down on the page, they use it again, horizontally flipped. (Shockingly, they cropped out the "Designed by Apple in California".)


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RE[4]: It's an icon
by spiderman on Thu 24th Jul 2014 06:08 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: It's an icon"
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Your question is easily answered. They didn't put effort to copy that icon. The real question you should ask is why bother NOT copying it?

Your rant about chinese companies do not make sense to me. I'm in Europe and I copy stuff from the Internet on a daily basis to make presentations. It's probably illegal but did you know betting with friends was illegal too? Nobody is harmed, nobody cares and nothing happens. Yep, in Europe.

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RE[5]: It's an icon
by jared_wilkes on Thu 24th Jul 2014 13:19 in reply to "RE[4]: It's an icon"
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You are still confused. It is NOT being used as an ICON! It is on nearly every product marketing picture of every one of the phones throughout their web site! That's right: just about every picture of a Mi phone on their own website contains a little image of Apple's Aperture icon. Defending that in anyway is ridiculous.

Also, I don't care about legality or harm... I care about complete and utter incompetence and this is certainly that.

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RE[6]: It's an icon
by spiderman on Thu 24th Jul 2014 22:27 in reply to "RE[5]: It's an icon"
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I understand what you are saying. I understand what they did and I perfectly agree they copied this icon (to put it in product mockups on their web sites)
There we have a common ground.
What I don't agree with is that it shows incompetence.
I do that all the time and I consider myself competent. I think the result looks good and it seems to work well for Xiaomi. I don't understand why you see a problem. Hiring a "competent" designer, as you call it, to draw a lens from scratch, is reinventing the wheel, in my opinion. Why draw it from scratch when you can get it from the Internet? With the time you saved not doing it from scratch you can polish another web page to have an even better looking web site. In my opinion it's what a competent designer would do and the result looks good. I judge competency on the result so I don't understand where you see incompetence.

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