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Linux "As you already know, if I have to sit down in front of a computer, I want it to be running the Gnome desktop on Linux. I've watched it mature from a downright ugly, needlessly complex playground for geeks, to an attractive, simple interface that holds its own against commercial alternatives. And yet, every day I still encounter rough edges that make me think there aren't nearly enough folks out there hacking away at this stuff. I'd like to watch." Read more at PCWorld. Warning: While some of the author's gripes can be fixed by installing third party applications or plugins, or by tweaking Alsa etc, the point remains that his default distribution and/or Gnome did not come with these conveniences by default. Most people don't like tweaking stuff, they want things that "just work".
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He is definitely helping by complaining.
by jjmckay on Fri 11th Nov 2005 20:00 UTC
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I've installed Ubuntu on my AMD64 machine with a nVidia 6600GT graphics card and I would like to just set resolution and refresh rate (1152x864 @ 100hz) easily and graphically. I tried editing xorg.conf and using the gtf or whatever it is that command line program that gets the correct parameters but that just corrupted xorg.conf and then I couldn't even get back into X! What a simple, even petty, thing to want to be able to set resolution and refresh rate (works great in Windows!!!) and yet Ubuntu and every other linux/unix I've worked with can't do this most basic of things easily. Hell, even my Amiga back in 1987 could set resolution easily!! That was 18 years ago. Get with the program. Get the most basic things done first then worry about the extras.

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I think the nvidia driver auto detects monitor refresh rates. But if you would like to correctly generate your xorg.conf there is a nice script:
And I believe you can run xorgcfg and that will use X to generate most settings (I've found that it fails 99.9999% of the time though, usually fails to find my mouse :/).

Quit complaining and read the documentation. X configuration is done via xorg.conf, and complaining about that will only make you older and more raspy.

This was informative and unoffensive... Please don't vote down comments because you don't like what they say.

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Daniel Borgmann Member since:

I don't understand this, it should be as easy as Preferences -> Screen Resolution. If this doesn't allow you to set the possible values, then your monitor type was not properly detected. But most distributions should ask for a specific model or frequencies in that case during installation.

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Thanks I'll check that. rebooting. ;)

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Suse has a graphical utility to easily change screen resolution, aslo PCLinuxOS has a very easy graphical utility to change the screen resolution along with graphics drivers and configure dual head.

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Libranet 3 has it's 'adminmenu' which allows pretty complex setup of X from the GUI :-) It beats anything else out there on the market imho. Check out some screendumps that I did here:

The X section is about 3/4s the way down the page (sorry, it was a quick hack a while ago, and I never bothered to fix the html code and add shortcut hyperlinks to each section, maybe one day I will when I have some spare time).

Sadly, Libranet is in some difficulties, being a one man distro. The owner of Libranet, Tal, has indicated that the one man distro no longer works for him, and he's stopped selling Libranet 3, pending finding alternatives, such as business investment, etc, allowing him to hire more developers to help with the future development of Libranet. Pretty sad really, since it's easily the best Debian based distro out there (I can see that comment upsetting a lot of Ubuntu users lol).


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(I can see that comment upsetting a lot of Ubuntu users lol)
Not really. I like all forms of debian ;) I dont think ubuntu is (yet/never) good enough. Hope we can improve on it.

Looks like we can add former libranet users to the ubuntu list then. I should confess, i've never tried libranet out though, and probably never will if nothing happens to it.

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That tool is so technical that it is not much better than text based configuration. Just slapping a GUI around it is missing the point.

Manual monitor configuration shouldn't even be necessary when the monitor reports the correct mode values. And if not, it is possible to make this particular configuration a lot simpler. Fedora allows this under System Settings -> Display. Once the hardware is correctly identified, all available resolutions and refresh rates should be available from Preferences -> Screen Resolution. This really shouldn't be an issue anymore.

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[removed by the author for harshness]

Doing everything via the package manager is the only way to go in the big Linux distros. Surfing the net and downloading a pre-packaged program is the "Windows way" to install applications and doesn't fit well with the way most *nix systems are designed. Apologies for jumping on you. I hadn't thoroughly read your description of your xorg.conf.

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What a simple, even petty, thing to want to be able to set resolution and refresh rate (works great in Windows!!!) and yet Ubuntu and every other linux/unix I've worked with can't do this most basic of things easily.

I wouldn't call setting resoulition or refrsh rate a basic thing. To even suggest that it's an important application of an IT-device is insulting. Any information system based on a device requireing the user to do anything more that press the power button to get it into a usable state is seriously flawed.

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