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I'm lucky. My financial situation allows me to buy several phones and tablets every year to keep up with the goings-on of all the major - and some of the minor - platforms currently competing for prime real estate in your precious pockets. It also means that I am lucky from a psychological point of view - by being able to buy several devices every year, I never fall into the all-too-common trap of choice-supportive bias. I don't have to rationalise my device purchases after the fact, so I won't have to employ all sorts of mental gymnastics to solve any states of cognitive dissonance caused by hardware and software flaws - the number one cause of irrational fanboyism.

And so, I try to rotate my phone of choice around as much as possible. I enjoy jumping from Android to my N9, then onwards to Sailfish, back to Android, and then have some fun with Symbian on my E7 - and beyond. I've got a long list of platforms I want to add to the collection - one white BlackBerry Passport please - but in general, I'm pretty well-rounded.

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I have had a couple of windows phones, and I really liked several things in Windows Phone 7 and 8. For one, in the car with bluetooth connected to the car's stereo, Windows Phone has had the best hands-free AND eyes-free integration. Get a text message and it opens audio to the car and you can have it read the message, you can reply to the message, etc. All via voice. And it works better than the comparable features I've used o other devices.

I absolutely love this feature. It works fairly well in WP7.8, but it works flawlessly in WP8.

As for your wifi issue, as long as you have it set to keep wifi on when the screen is locked it should stay connected; mine does. The relevant setting is in Settings > Wi-Fi > advanced:

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I never had this problem, but I also never saw that box. I just checked on my 1020 with 8.1 (no Cyan yet) and it isn't there. I guess it is hardware dependent?

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It may very well be, though I do recall seeing it on my Lumia 521. It may even be a regional thing; the 8.1 release was very fragmented by region, with North America getting it last, and my device in particular won't see it for a while yet. I'm on 8.0 GDR3 at the moment, and that is only because I am in the Developer Preview program; without it I'd be about four updates behind.

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