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Microsoft has accidentally spilled the beans on Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, and it's going to be a relatively small update for users, but a big one for OEMs and thus the platform. The number of user-facing features is small (Windows Phone is finally getting folder support!), but it increases support for different resolutions and screen sizes - up to 7".

More features might be coming that aren't yet leaked, but the focus of the update is clear: hardware support.

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Folders, finally!
by spiderman on Mon 28th Jul 2014 07:15 UTC
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If they do it right, this will be a huge update. This is the single most annoying stuff I have to deal with when I downgraded my phone from Symbian to Android. Neither Android, iOS nor Windows Phone do support hierarchical folders Android has a one level folder support but it's so limited it's ridiculous. So finally Windows Phone will implement it. This is a killer feature that may well make me switch.
I would just like to understand wtf takes so long? Apple has folders implemented in 1977 on the Apple II. Microsoft had it implemented in 1981 in the DOS 1.0. Google has never figured it out but at least they have tags in gmail since 10 years or so. And none or those corps have an engineers that is able to figure out that grids of icons spanning on 4 pages is retarded? Even my grand mother can see it is retarded.

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RE: Folders, finally!
by Kochise on Mon 28th Jul 2014 08:13 in reply to "Folders, finally!"
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But there is marketing people that think how consumer think, or should think.


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RE: Folders, finally!
by moondevil on Mon 28th Jul 2014 09:16 in reply to "Folders, finally!"
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And Xerox PARC had them in the Alto on 1973.

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RE[2]: Folders, finally!
by shotsman on Mon 28th Jul 2014 10:29 in reply to "RE: Folders, finally!"
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AFAIK, so did a whole host of other Operating Systems of that era.
DEC Dos V8 has user directories which equate to what many people call folders nowadays.

I even wrote a paper on a proposed filesystem and directory structure using linked lists around that time when I was a Student.
{If I had patented it then I might have been rich but back then that was not uppermost on our minds which was getting pissed on '6x' on a Friday Night down the Uni Bar.}

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RE: Folders, finally!
by avgalen on Mon 28th Jul 2014 11:44 in reply to "Folders, finally!"
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The OS is already using folders and you can already organise pictures inside folders if you want. But the filesystem is normally not presented to the user. The filepicker does allow accessing folder structures though (although you hardly ever use this functionality because of the sandboxing model of apps)

Organising your apps in folders and those folders inside more folders...sounds like you have too many apps.

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RE[2]: Folders, finally!
by spiderman on Mon 28th Jul 2014 14:53 in reply to "RE: Folders, finally!"
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And how is that not retarded?
So I have too many apps? I only have a subset of those in the home screen. If I go to the app list, on a virgin brand new phone with Android, I can scroll 4 pages of totally unordered icons, with 20 icons per page. Google apps alone is already 11 apps. It's not any better on iOS or WP. And yes, I have installed a lof of apps. I think the grid of icons concept is totally retarded. We've had icons since the 70's and they've been organised in grid since then and we've had folder for them since they were introduced. WTF they decided it was not needed? I kind of understand why the first iPhone didn't need it because it had no app and that was just a menu to call and launch the browser but we are in 2014 and they want you to use their app stores but they don't want folders? Totally retarded in my opinion.

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RE: Folders, finally!
by Nth_Man on Mon 28th Jul 2014 14:27 in reply to "Folders, finally!"
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Wigry seems to disagree:

Folders as mentioned in the article means only UI icon grouping functionality and nothing else. The Files app is a different thing though.

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RE[2]: Folders, finally!
by avgalen on Mon 28th Jul 2014 16:25 in reply to "RE: Folders, finally!"
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Okay, this is getting out of hand, so here is the summary:
* The OS has always used files and folders in the background but you normally don't see any of that as a user
* Some apps and OS-components have shown files and folders, for example OneDrive and the filepicker.
* Links to apps where not groupable and you couldn't browse through the entire filesystem on the phone
* Recently a Nokia app called "App Folder" has appeared that makes it possible to group apps the exact same way this works on iOS and Android. This article is about moving that functionality from an app into the OS.
* Even more recently a Microsoft app called "Files" has been made available so you can happily browse around the filesystem on your phone and sd-card.

Why did people feel the need to mention ancient OS's that already had files and folders? I guess to show of their knowledge or to bash something that didn't deserve the bashing to begin with

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