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Windows There is no compelling reason to rush into upgrading to the next version of Windows, says Gartner.
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by Varg Vikernes on Sat 12th Nov 2005 04:20 UTC
Varg Vikernes
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Does anyone even remotely care what Gartner says. This is not only related to this news post, but I've seen a lot of statements/predictions from these guys. And, boy do they know how to start a flamewar. I guess it's worth it, I for one wouldn't know they even exist if it weren't for every news site posting their mad predictions every month or so.

Anyway, isn't this eactly what Microsoft is doing? I thought the reason for porting Avalon etc to XP was so that companies don't have to switch to Vista immediately but slow down the process. I think I even read that Microsoft will "slow down" the desktop OS release time, so don't expect a new OS every 2 years or so (XP is here since 2001). If that's correct, then this predictions is exactly what Microsoft aims for.

edit: of course, desktop users will be the early adopters and most people will get it with a news PC so...

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RE: Gartner
by PsychoSid on Sat 12th Nov 2005 19:35 in reply to "Gartner"
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Well I have worked for some of the second largest financial instution in the world and now the first and for some reason they listen to Gartner and take what they say seriously.

They don't really care what people on slashdot or osnews say.

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