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Mac OS X Engineers at Apple Computer have recently compiled the first builds of Mac OS X 10.4.4, the fourth in a series of several maintenance updates planned for the company's Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" operating system over the next 10 months, tipsters tell AppleInsider.
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...Linux Is Poo is right. Is this really worthy to be posted on OSNews?

No matter what it brings, there is no way it can even compete with the last update (10.4.3) and will probably contain minor fixes that they did not completely fix with .3 or just didn't feel were important enough for .3.

Oh well, I guess I am having a slow day as well just to bother commenting about this. ;)

Actually, there were a ton of good (read "more news worthy") articles/updates on OSNews today so we probably shouldn't complain.

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Supposedly, this will be the release that Apple thinks is equalizing the two lines of development.

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But what exactly does that mean? There was so little information provided by the article. How are the two lines so divergent?

AFAIK Mac OS X has always been built on Intel, since it was NeXTSTEP! The builds should be more or less the same, altho' the Intel version could probably have been maintained a bit more leisurely since there was no deadline to have it out the door. Still, I should think the vast majority of the code is portable, and only the underlying compilers, some of the drivers and probably the core graphics need to be specially tweaked. And if they have a team in place already doing that, why should it be such a big deal?

The OS was designed to be portable to begin with. I think for the article to even suggest it is a convergence they should have provided more detail.

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