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SGI and IRIX Silicon Graphics will start showing off the Altix 4000 Monday, the second generation of the company's technical computing machines based on the Linux operating system and Itanium processors.
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RE[2]: pretty sweet
by dagw on Sat 12th Nov 2005 14:34 UTC in reply to "RE: pretty sweet"
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If you need a supercomputer IBM would be a better and a more stable option

Except most of those a clusters and not real super computers. If you need a 1024 CPU single image machine sgi is still the company to call. The problem (from sgi's point of view) is that these clusters are getting better and better doing jobs which before where the domain of single image super computers.

SGI would have done much better if they just held on to the much larger market that used their MIPS/IRIX machines (content creation, 3D, broadcast/fil postproduction, etc.).

Although those areas where the big ones from a PR point of view and the reason why most people have heard the name sgi, that is never where they made the big money. The real money came from industry and defence who bought huge visulaization systems and 500+ CPU Origin boxes. What really hurt sgi's bottom line was not losing the content creation business, but the birth of clustering technology, which could compete with their Origin systems for many applications.

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