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Samsung's shown itself to be entirely unafraid when it comes to smartwatches. It's willing to try any size, any spec, any combination of features in an attempt to figure out what consumers want in a wearable. Its latest try, the Gear S, is a combination of Samsung's newest and best ideas - and a couple of ideas it'll soon leave by the roadside as well.

Once the Moto360, the round LG G Watch R, and Apple's supposed entry come out, we will look at these ridiculous Samsung contraptions in the same way we look at these now.

My favourite moment in the video: when the full QWERTY keyboard pops up. Samsung just has no taste.

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RE[2]: Comment by rain
by rain on Thu 4th Sep 2014 22:10 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by rain"
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Except it doesn't run android.

I dont know. For a smart watch this seems not bad. I'm not a fan of samsung but at least they're exploring here. The problem is we still don't have a killer application for a smart watch, so the implementations are fine but lacking any kind of real draw.

If the rumours are true Apple could be on to something with a full scale effort into mobile payments integrated into the watch.

I know it's Tizen. Somehow it reminds me of those crappy old Android phones like Xperia X8 though. I should have added a "like" in that sentence.

That's the thing though, a watch is very limited in terms of display space and user input. The approach Samsung has to make a general purpose device that is essentially a shrunken down smartphone doesn't really work in my opinion. They are basically saying "we don't have a clue what the use is for this so we just threw in all the tech we had, so now you figure it out!".
It needs some kind of vision, a holistic design approach that tightly integrates hardware and software.

I'm sure Apple will approach it with far more consideration. Hopefully they don't overdo it. We'll see in a few days.

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RE[3]: Comment by rain
by leos on Fri 5th Sep 2014 01:40 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by rain"
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It will be very interesting to see what apple does. Also will address the question of whether apple can innovate in a big way without Steve.

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