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Windows There is no compelling reason to rush into upgrading to the next version of Windows, says Gartner.
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by unoengborg on Sun 13th Nov 2005 13:15 UTC in reply to "RE"
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Secondly, Microsoft sees it like this, if they discontinue support for 2k and push companies to upgrade to XP, then in a few years they can push compaines to upgrade to Vista when they discontinue support for XP (two sales instead of one)

The problem with this strategy is that MacOS, and Linux is growing and offer better and better products. It seams that current versions of MacOS-X is very close to offer the same thing that Vista will do in a year from now. When XP is end of lifed the market will be different.

MacOS-X and Linux will be even better and so will probably Microsofts offerings. However XP/win2k allready offers what 99% of the users need. Innovate new products that are needed, or to develop new needs of the users in this situation is very difficult and expensive.

To follow the leader is not near as costly,
this means that Linux will catch up very quickly. By the time XP is en of lifed I wouldn't be surprised if the desktop market was divided in MS 33%, Apple 33%, Linux 33%, and 1% for various other players. In such a market it is not evident that you should go for Microsoft.

Microsoft knows this, that is why we probably be see ad financed Microsoft software. This worked for the Opera web browser and it will probably work for Microsoft, bu t it will be a whole new market, and a market where Microsoft havent the monopoly advantage anymore.

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