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Microsoft finally surprised us all: At the eagerly-awaited first briefing for the next Windows, the firm revealed that they had decided to skip the 9 and call it Windows 10 instead. From a features perspective, we only learned about a few minor new features that hadn't already leaked. And as promised, the technical preview won't ship until October. Which starts tomorrow, by the way.

To say that this was a different kind of Windows event is a major understatement. I want to focus on the details of the announcement here, but it's at least worth pointing out that Terry Myerson's team is approaching Windows 10 with a completely different - for the better - approach. Not just when compared to the past few releases. But when compared to every Windows release from the past 20 years. Everything is new again.

It's looking like a good release so far - I'm especially very happy with the further neutering of Metro and the Expose-like functionality. Odd they're skipping 9 though.

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They're calling it 10 because...
by benali72 on Wed 1st Oct 2014 14:21 UTC
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They're calling 10 for two reasons --

1. Make it sound as different as possible from 8, which they're trying to run away from as fast as they can

2. Make it sound much more advanced than 7, to try to encourage those (relatively happy) users to upgrade.

It'll be interesting to see if Win 7 users buy the koolaid. I think it depends on how many 10 features are truly useful, versus how many are simply corrections to the Win 8 disaster.

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It's also the 10th release of NT, so the name fits. Similar to how Windows 7 is the 7th release of NT (with 8.0, 8.1 in between).

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