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It begins with simple threats. You know, rape, dismemberment, the usual. It's a good place to start, those threats, because you might simply vanish once those threats include your family. Mission accomplished. But today, many women online - you women who are far braver than I am - you stick around. And now, since you stuck around through the first wave of threats, you are now a much BIGGER problem. Because the Worst Possible Thing has happened: as a result of those attacks, you are NOW serving Victim-Flavored Koolaid.

And Victim-Flavored Koolaid is the most dangerous substance on earth, apparently. And that just can't be allowed.

The fact that I have to turn off comments on articles about the systematic abuse women receive from these low-life idiots on a small site like OSNews is all the proof you need. Until I no longer receive abusive comments for pointing out this issue, comments will remain closed.

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"Gamer-gate" is right-wing?
by bornagainenguin on Thu 9th Oct 2014 04:02 UTC
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Really? Really?

Is it really the argument you want to make that requiring accuracy in reporting, disagreeing with news being reported to ideological biases agreed to via secret newslists and requiring accountability for same is a right-wing thing? That it is a 'right-wing' value to desire honesty? Wow.

And you wish to hold up that fraudster Anita Sarkeesian (whose videos not only seem terminally delayed but also lacking of substance, as if she truly did not play through the games she claims she has) as an example? A woman whose many claims of victimization fail to stand up to even cursory investigation?

Can I formally request my account in this site be closed? It is far from the place it used to be when I first began posting here over a decade ago and I am ashamed to be associated with what it has become. My account is marked as "Trusted user" and I've posted over seven hundred times with generally positive moderation (88% positive) but given the totalitarian bent of the site's owners I no longer feel comfortable here and no longer trust in its moderation or reporting to be honest.


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BluenoseJake Member since:

I agree with a lot of what Anita Sarkeesian has posted in her videos, and I disagree with a lot of it too, but regardless if you agree or disagree, she certainly has the right to say it, don't you think?

So she should be threatened and harassed for her opinions? If she didn't play every goddamn game on her list of games, then she deserves to be threatened with physical abuse, inundated with verbal abuse, and shamed for being a woman?

Stand up for what's right, regardless of her politics, she DOESN"T DESERVE THAT. Who does? In my view, no one does.

Last time i checked, people should get a chance to defend themselves from allegations of fraud in front of a judge, not punished out of hand by a bunch of idiots on the internet.

What if it was your sister? Your Mother? What these cowardly bastards have done to these women, they could easily do to anyone.

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What these cowardly bastards have done to these women, they could easily do to anyone.

Except, Mr. Penguin thinks that she's "a woman whose many claims of victimization fail to stand up to even cursory investigation". It's like neo-nazi (Godwinned!) holocaust deniers - they'd really be delighted with 6 million dead jews, except it didn't happen. So it is with Ms. Sarkeesian (and the many other haressment victims): she completely deserves to get doxed and get all those rape threats because of the lies she spreads about video games (and besides, even if they were true, she has no business pissing in the male gamers pool!), but she's really making them up. Can't argue with that, can ya?

Let's just hope that all the attention that this subject gets nowadays will ring a bell somewhere with the large game development companies, so *they* can do something about it.

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I can't speak for anybody else, but here's my opinion.

I've watched Ms. Sarkeesian's videos. I don't believe that she should be silenced. I don't understand why anybody is trying to. Her videos are badly researched, contain little to no useful commentary on anything and can be refuted in under 10 minutes by anybody that does any research on the subject. Subjecting her videos to critique isn't an attempt to silence her. It's subjecting her stuff to the type of academic analysis that she said she was going to subject video games to.

Which is the problem. She SHOULD have the ability to make whatever content she wants to. She SHOULD also have to tolerate that content being critiqued. While trolls and various Internet scum are a large problem, what touched off this whole mess is that there are certain groups that seem to be able to write and say whatever they want and then not tolerating any skepticism or critique.

Don't mistake me. I do NOT in any way support what's been done to her or anybody else, woman or man. But, there are a lot of holes in the narrative that she has provided.

Lastly, both sides are full of idiots right now. Milo Yiannopoulos's Tweets suggest that he's an unpleasant man. But Leigh Alexander's (a woman who has also publicly called for the "doxxing" of those opposed to her, which should put her in the same sort of trouble as this Weev idiot) suggest that she is too. Both sides seem to want to scream past one another and neither wants to admit that they are both responsible for the quagmire that the "community" is in. Video game journalism needs some type of reformation because right now, even if they're innocent (which I doubt they are), they look biased against, and hostile to, the customers that depend on them.

How about the loudest trolls on both sides of this shut up and let some rational people sort this out?

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Oh, and if you want to leave, stop coming here.

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RE: "Gamer-gate" is right-wing?
by JAlexoid on Mon 13th Oct 2014 11:17 in reply to ""Gamer-gate" is right-wing?"
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And you wish to hold up that fraudster Anita Sarkeesian

Oh nice. Desire honesty and this in one comment? Not a single person has managed to conclusively prove that she is a fraudster. No one will miss your poorly informed opinion.

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