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OS/2 and eComStation Serenity Systems offers a promotional price for eComStation 1.2 until the last of November. This will include a one year software subscription. The subscription implies also that you can participate in the betaprogram for version 2.0 and includes the version 2.0 GA release after betatesting is done.
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eCom 2.0 -VS- MS Vista -VS- Mac OSX 10.5
by truckweb on Tue 15th Nov 2005 02:53 UTC
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Witch would you take?

eCom will have to work extra hard to make 2.0 work good on new hardware, 64bits, good driver support.

The last big customer of OS/2 (Banks) are almost all moving to Windows (I know, it's scary). But that's life when you become the underdog. No new hardware are made to work with OS/2. New ATM machine works with embeded version of Windows.

So this leaves only hardcore users that still love desktop OS/2 to the bones. But 259$ (or 229$ with this promotion) is a step price to pay to live in the "past". I would even say that a switch to a flavor of Linux would be a better upgrade path. Better support, 64bits, multi-platform, newer GUI, better multimedia... OH... and it's FREE (Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, ...).

I was a huge OS/2 fan when it was at 2.1 and everybody else where trying to use Windows 3.0/3.1 It was stable, fast and had real multi-tasking. At that time, it even had better multimedia support!

But since Windows 95, or now with 2000/XP, why would someone pay for eCom 1.2 (or even 2.0) for desktop use ??

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MechaShiva Member since:

For desktop use, you wouldn't.

Businesses with existing legacy code or hobbyists with money to throw around are really the primary target here. And if I'm not mistaken, it isn't really eComstation who are dictating the price here. OS/2 had/has code from many different sources which needed to be sublicensed. Couple that with IBM's licensing fees and then add whatever cost + profit eComstation hopes to make on this. It may be expensive to the casual user but for a business that has a lot of apps locked into the OS/2 platform, it's probably much cheaper to pay for eComstation than for the army of developers needed to port the applications to a new platform.

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truckweb Member since:

For these business, I would say that the time has come for them to invest some money to recode their legacy code. Things change, someday you have to move along.

I don't want to bitch about eComm, but I realy feel that it's only a bandaid for a OS that should have died years ago.

Y2K forced many business to rewrite their code... Something should have changed at that time.

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Remember that the cost is far lower for those of us who are "living in the past" (and are following the upgrade path).

eCS 1.2 is only US$59 right now for those of us with eCS 1.1, and eCS 2.0 will be a free upgrade as part of the promotion.

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