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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Firefox OS is coming to Japan and doing it in style.

Announced at a KDDI press event in Tokyo today, the Fx0 is a striking 4.7-inch smartphone with a transparent shell and a home button decorated with the golden Firefox logo embracing the Earth. It runs the latest version of Mozilla's web-centric mobile OS and was designed by noted Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, whose previous collaboration with KDDI produced a phone worthy of making it into the Museum of Modern Art's collection. With the Fx0, Yoshioka has worked around the familiar outlines of LG's G3 design (LG is the silent partner producing the device) and adapted them to a smaller size while producing a delightful aesthetic in the process. Like a watch with a window showing its internal mechanism, this phone's exposed electronics are a subtle reminder of its technical sophistication - plus, that Firefox home button is just plain cool.

It's different, surely, but.... No. Just no.

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Not Android
by vivainio on Wed 24th Dec 2014 08:56 UTC
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The point of using FirefoxOS instead of Android is that you can cut down on the hardware capabilities (RAM in particular, FxOS runs even on 128MB RAM). This device has 1.5GB of RAM, so there is no "technical" reason not to have Andoid on it. Maybe it can fly with consumers that want to "make a statement" of some kind, which is a rather small group.

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