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Early December 2014, I bought the Moto 360 with Android Wear. As someone who loves both watches and technology, it seems like a great time to jump into the world of smartwatches, and see if it has evolved beyond the bulky '80s stuff that has come before. I'll first give you a concise history of smartwatches, after which I will dive into Wear and the 360 themselves.

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Smartwatches are pointless at the moment
by rklrkl on Sat 10th Jan 2015 15:52 UTC
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I think we're several generations away from a smartwatch that ticks all the boxes (BTW, I *really* don't like that black panel/bezel at the bottom of the Moto 360 display - chops off the bottom of some of the watch faces!).

With a steel-strapped 30 quid ($45) Casio Wave Ceptor as my current favourite watch with a multi-year battery life, absolutely none of the smartwatches available now or coming out in 2015 beat it in several departments.

Just wondering if colour e-ink (whatever happened to that?) and high performance/low-battery-life-sucking very small CPUs might be one way to fix the bad performance and battery life that we're currently seeing?

Personally, I'd just a like a smartwatch that its main function was to let me choose from dozens of (mostly free hopefully) nice-looking analogue or digital watch faces since that's surely one of the more important "standalone" functions of a smartwatch that scores over a dumb watch?

Oh and the display really needs to be on 24x7 (hence e-ink only being updated once a minute might be the solution if you avoid displaying seconds of course).

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