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Google is bringing one familiar feature of Web search to its Google Play store: Paid search results.

The company said it will begin testing what it calls "sponsored" search results within its app store in the coming weeks. The move is intended to help developers better promote their apps in a store that boasts more than a million choices. Of course, it will also generate more revenue for Google.

Application stores are already completely and utterly useless and broken for application discovery, so I couldn't care less about this.

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RE: Won't help
by jburnett on Thu 26th Feb 2015 19:58 UTC in reply to "Won't help"
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It might help. The top spots are currently taken by people who are gaming the system anyway. Now those people will have two separate ways to direct their money, but they still want to spend the same amount of money. Since they have to pick one or the other channel, it stands to reason that at least one of the channels should be somewhat viable for normal devs.

So, in the end, probably bad for devs trying to make good free stuff. However, for legitimate devs trying to make money with a quality product, life may have just gotten a bit better. I'm not saying great, but better than it was.

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RE[2]: Won't help
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 26th Feb 2015 21:55 in reply to "RE: Won't help"
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This along with what Thom said. The play store hasn't been good for app discovery since 2009/2010.

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RE[2]: Won't help
by ejulien on Fri 27th Feb 2015 16:22 in reply to "RE: Won't help"
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And how do you think those people are gaming the system exactly? With money of course!

Now they will give it to Google instead of one of the myriad of offers (legit or not) to "rise to the top" you get everyday as an app developer. 100k for an App Annie top insider report, 5k for a hundred 5 star review, etc... ad nauseam.

It's a smart move for Google and one more reason, as if there was any need for more, for indies to leave the platform (iOS included obviously).

Fun read from the front:

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