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Windows Microsoft announces that the next version of Exchange, its upcoming Windows Server "Longhorn" SBS and its Centro infrastructure solution for midsize businesses will only be released as 64-bit.
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RE: No it wasn't.
by Shaman on Wed 16th Nov 2005 04:13 UTC
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>So why aren't companies flocking to better solutions
>like mad? Put away the tin foil hat too, because it
>has relatively little to do with "lock-in" and other
>magical Linux FUDster words.

There's these three little things you may have heard of... marketing, larceny and illegal abuse of a monopoly. Microsoft has been exceptional at all three. And at very little else.

Obviously you weren't around in the late 80s when Microsoft stole IBM's fire to start their own, burned or savaged what competitors it couldn't buy, forced companies to sell its product exclusively, purchased its own positive media coverage; actively flouted law and ethics whenever it felt there was a need.

There are other reasons. Novell's terrible gullability and arrogance. Commodore's larcenous board of directors. Atari's poor quality control. DEC's lack of vision. SGI's single-mindedness and faith in gullible customers. Apple's hubris. Sun's inability to keep the pace of performance and desire to be all things to few people, without an ability to make those products robust and mature. It wasn't all Microsoft's gangster tactics... but the pressure they exerted with their strongarm tactics just magnified the problems of the others as they succumbed to fear, uncertainty and doubt. Now where did I hear those words before?

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RE[2]: No it wasn't.
by dcga on Wed 16th Nov 2005 04:54 in reply to "RE: No it wasn't."
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Pretty much like the history of the US,
but nobody is complaining.

Do not use any Microsoft products and please do not give a f... BIASED opinion.


By the way, I use BSD and Windows.

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