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Windows Microsoft announces that the next version of Exchange, its upcoming Windows Server "Longhorn" SBS and its Centro infrastructure solution for midsize businesses will only be released as 64-bit.
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Portable code???
by Brendan on Wed 16th Nov 2005 08:32 UTC
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Just wondering if Microsoft need to rewrite everything from scratch to get it to work on 64 bit - it's obvious they can't write portable code...


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RE: Portable code???
by on Wed 16th Nov 2005 21:11 in reply to "Portable code???"
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"it's obvious they can't write portable code... "

Is that why WinNT ran on MIPS, Alpha, and PowerPC?. Win2K was also ported to Alpha, but was development was cancelled by Compaq.
(quoting the Wikipedia, I know....)

Win2K and up have run on Itanium. Look at the TPC scores for HP SuperDome (highest Superdome score)

XBox 360 runs a custom NT kernel. The developer workstations for XBox 360 are dual Apple G5s running a custom NT kernel.

Windows CE runs on Arm, MIPS, and SH3/4 processors, as well as x86:

By design, anyways, very little of Windows is non-portable. Only the HAL, which deals with interrupts, SMP, etc. is non-portable.

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